Principal Message

As I walk down the corridor of the school every day, I hear the chatter of eager minds, the shouts of excitement from the victorious athletes, the thump of dancer feet and the sound of melodious voices harmonizing. The perpetual energy, movement and enthusiasm permeate the atmosphere of Adharshila Academy. We are a school with difference! We value individualism, creativity and innovation and strive to nurture them in our students.

Our motto is not just to impart knowledge to the students but also to inculcate in them-wisdom, compassion and a humitarian sprit. We have a multi-cultural student population; hence we teach the student the importance of tolerance and respecting other culture. We motivate them to enhance their skill through English language too. We enhance among them the various personality development skill in order to be a perfect human being to reach their their goals.

Besides providing best education facilities, we also look forward to develop and nurture the different facets of a child. The school staff encourages the students to be perfect in every aspects of life. We boost up their internal hidden strength in order to reach their true potential by encouraging them to participate in different co-curriculum activities like dance, drama (skit), singing,art,swimming,malkhamb and many more..

The school genuine concern ensures student’s emotional growth along with intellectual excellence. This empowers them to develop their self-esteem. Self-awareness and self-confidence, sharing ideas, analyzing situations and expressing them confidently.

Today’s India is an empowered enlightened and enterprising nation. We wish to make it even more powerful with conscientions,smart and confident citizens who would make us proud of their multifaceted growth.

Dr. Rinku Shrivastava