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Various Labs


Aadharshila Academy, since the commencement, has always paid premium to innovation and technology. Our school boasts of a highly equipped and well-stocked biology laboratory. The idea is to enable hands on learning by the students, “Learning by doing” being the motto of our bio lab.

 The laboratory provides the students with all sorts of facilities, ranging from specimens to innovative smart boards. The laboratory is quite spacious and is creatively decorated by the students. We have permanent anatomical slides of plants. The lab consists of simple and compound microscopes for the students to focus and study slides. The ratio of these microscopes per student is fairly high. We have measuring devices, like analytical balance. Also the laboratory has a variety of apparatus for physiological and ecological experiments, like water bath,  We have fire extinguishers in case of an emergency. The laboratory is well supplied with chemicals, and equipped abundantly with thermometers and other apparatus for students to carry out their experiments. Through experiments, students are able to gain firsthand knowledge and appreciate various concepts of biology.



Discoveries made in science are done so through the process of experimentation. Physics, which is the study of energy and matter, is no different. Knowledge that furthers the science of physics is gained through following the scientific method, which includes performing experiments to prove a hypothesis. Most often these experiments are performed in a physics laboratory, more commonly called a physics lab. Physics labs are also used by students who learn about the science through demonstration in a physics lab.

Physics is primarily concerned with how motion, light, heat and force interact with energy and matter, so a physics lab has a variety of instruments used to conduct these kinds of experiments. They are usually equipped with items for weight and measure, such as glass beakers, test tubes and scales. Besides weight and measure items, there are numerous other items used, such as heat lamps, lenses, magnets, inclined planes, balls, pendulums and any kind of item that a scientist needs to perform his experiment.

The disciplines within the broad umbrella of physics are optics, electricity and magnetism, mechanics, acoustics, nuclear and modern physics, and thermodynamics. Within these disciplines there are more than 20 sub-disciplines, such as astrophysics, biophysics, geophysics and nuclear physics. Because of this broad range, a physics lab may also have more sophisticated equipment, such as spectroscopes, electromagnets, telescopes and microscopes.