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Sports and Entertainment


The school is offering many sports activities for the students. This includes Cricket, Football, Swimming, Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Judo-Karate, Skating, Athletics, Yoga etc. with all international level grounds, equipment’s and best coaches, who are imparting training to the students for various sports activities to give them high level exposure.

The students actively participate in different Inter school competitions where they play with true spirit to drive their dreams and also learn the values of team work and sportsmanship. These competitions further raise up to state and national level that bring pride to our school, state and nation by winning medals and trophies.


School has many attractions for the students in the form of celebrations like Red Day, Blue Day, Yellow Day, buffet Party, Grand Parents Day and many more. Many national and religious festivals are being celebrated in the school with gusto and fervor to inculcate patriotic and religious values. Students exhibit their talent in mono acting, singing, dancing, acting etc. The dorm nights are organized by the students themselves under the guidance of warden. Thus they learn to take up responsibility of organizing events in a disciplined and orderly manner.

Hostel-sponsored recreation often relates to course material taught within the school system, but it provides learning experiences in addition to academic studies. Programs aimed at the hostel's student population are called extracurricular activities and include such things as bands, debating teams, choral groups, athletics and intramural activities, hobby groups, and interest clubs. For many students, these activities fill an important need in their school experience.

Hostel also offers programs for adults within the community, and these are commonly referred to as continuing education. Historically, the intent of these programs was to enable adult learners to enhance career-related skills and knowledge. Continuing education programs have expanded, however, to include a variety of lifelong learning opportunities and currently include language classes, computer courses, fitness programs, auto mechanics classes, public speaking programs, and travelogues.